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Maisto Tech R/C Street Trooper Scorpion Remote Control Vehicle

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Maisto Tech R/C Street Trooper Scorpion Remote Control  Vehicle.

A remote control three-wheeler bike with rising tail and concealed dart launcher. The Street Trooper Scorpion is a full function RC vehicle that transforms at the touch of a button. Hit the switch and the tail rises along with the hidden dart gun. Press the shoulder buttons to shoot up to five soft-tipped darts at your target, then press the transform button again to return to bike mode. The controller features a tri-channel switch, allowing up to three cars to battle it out at the same time.

  • Transforming RC three wheeler.
  • Concealed dart launcher.
  • Raising tail.
  • Shoots darts at touch of a button.
  • Full function control.
  • Tri-channel transmitter.
  • Includes eight darts.
  • Requires 8 x AA batteries.

Ages: 8+