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Marvin's Magic Box Of Tricks For Young Magicians

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Marvin's Magic Box Of Tricks For Young Magicians.

The original Marvin’s Magic collection with 125 classic tricks designed for young magicians aged 6 and above. With so many simple, colourful tricks that can be mastered in minutes, this collection can inspire a lifelong love of magic!

The ideal introduction to Marvin’s wonderful world of magic, our Magic Box of Tricks will keep little magician’s entertained until they become big magicians!

As well as step by step instructions on how to pull off each trick, this set includes:

  • Magic wand.
  • Magic cups and balls.
  • Coin and card tricks.
  • Sponge rabbits.
  • Colour block escape.
  • Unlinking rings.
  • Mind reading canisters.
  • And many more!

Marvin’s Magic Box of Tricks also contains membership to Marvin’s Magic Club giving its holder access to exclusive tips from Marvin himself.

Includes: Magic props, instructions and membership card.

Ages: 6+