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Mechanics Labarotory Jetski And Watercraft Construction Set

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Mechanics Labarotory Jetski And Watercraft Construction Set.

A scientific kit to experiment with the principles of navigation by assembling 2 different models and discover how the MECHANISMS work. Only one model can be built at a time with up to 2 different variations being the timaran or a watercraft.

The Technologic line promotes STEM Integrated Applications (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), to develop and encourage children's knowledge in these fields — while experimenting, children can improve their skills and gain new insights into the world of science and technology.

This set promote promotes STEM based activities which helps in the acquisition of new skills such as MANUAL SKILLS to shape your ideas, BRAIN POWER to hypothesize and experiment, and CREATIVITY to develop brand-new projects.

Kit contains more than 130 interchangeable components and parts to assemble including pulleys, a winch, adjustable handlebar, and so much more along with a highly detailed and richly illustrated instructional booklet to help guide you step by step with each model or download the free app.

Ages: 8+