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Mechanics Laboratory Mars Rover 20 Model Construction Playset

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Mechanics Laboratory Mars Rover 20 Model Construction Playset.

A futuristic NASA transport rover for a thrilling exploration of Mars. A motor-driven model with counter-steering front and rear wheels, equipped with an exploration mini-rover.

Each time there’s different challenge to encourage children to think and imaging possible solutions and assembly options while having fun.

A large construction laboratory for stimulating creativity and imagination. A play experience that requires concentration and accuracy from start to finish.

By assembling the various components, children can test there ideas and concretely verify whether the resulting solutions are correct or can be improved.

In addition to the illustrated manual, there’s an app with 20 different models for the child to explore plus interactive 3D instructions explaining the various assembly phases in a simple and fun way.

The wide variety of components, precise interlocking and the adaptability of the pieces allow children to build more than one model using the same pieces.

  • Create, Design and Experiment!
  • More then 230 interchangeable components with 20 different models to be built.

Ages: 8+