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Mega Bloks Mega Construx Copter Rescue Construction Set

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Mega Bloks Mega Construx Copter Rescue Construction S​et.
Take to the sky with the rugged and buildable Rescue Copter. Complete with a fang-filled mouth printed on the cabin, the Copter Rescue construction set features 118 building bricks and pieces as well as a spinning propeller and functioning projectile launcher. Get your army micro action figure to the chopper and get rescuing.

•Military helicopter building set with working propeller, launcher and 3 projectiles, and printed decorative pieces
•1 poseable military micro action figure that can sit in the helicopter
•118 bricks and pieces combine with all Mega Construx building sets and are compatible with other name brands
•Premium graphics and designs printed directly onto bricks
•Ideal for ages 5 and up, this building toy provides build-and-play experiences to develop creativity and problem-solving skills
Ideal for Wonder Builders, ages 5 and up.