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Mermaze Mermaidz Colour Change Ocean Cruise Car

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Mermaze Mermaidz Colour Change Ocean Cruise Car.

Beyond the waves, beneath the surf, into the deep blue... follow the fabulous fins of Mermaze Mermaidz to discover something incredible! Pull up in style with the Mermaze Mermaidz Ocean Cruiser Car! This car has an amazing colour change feature, can be filled with water and glitter and even has a colour changing station for the Mermaze Mermaidz colour change dolls! The car decals perform a magical, dramatic colour change when submerged in ice cold water. Watch the flame decals on the hood and doors transform from white to bright blue and pink.

To create the glitter water feature, remove the covers located at the top of each car door and pour water halfway into the slots on the side of the car. Then, add one bag of included glitter. Repeat on the other side. When activating the colour change station, remove the hood of the car and place up to two Mermaze Mermaidz dolls (sold separately) into the seats.

Secure the dolls by buckling the seat belts. Pour the correct temperature water onto the doll's tail and/or fin for a contained colour change space. Perfect for play in and out of water! Collect the Mermaze Mermaidz colour change fashion dolls: Kishiko, Shellnelle, Riviera, Jordie, and Harmonique (each sold separately).

  • Includes: 1 Mermaze Mermaidz Ocean Cruiser Car and two glitter packets.
  • Dolls sold separately.
  • This car is made to be played with in and out of water.
  • Rolling wheels, working trunk, heart-shaped steering wheel and glitter seat belts!
  • Watch the Mermaze Mermaidz series on YouTube!

Ages: 6+