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Micro Science Microscope Set

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Micro Science Microscope Set.

This professional microscope is easy to use for studying microcosm magnified up to 600 times! This richly-equipped instrument helps to observe the world around us! Your new microscope is an instrument with lenses for making very small objects appear much larger so they can be studied. There are millions of tiny living plants and animals that can be easily seen with your microscope.


  • 1x 6.625" Microscope with 100X 300X 600X.
  • 12x Cover Slips.
  • 12x Blank Labels.
  • 4x Blank Slides.
  • 1x Prepared Slide.
  • 2x Collecting Vials.
  • 1x Magnifier.
  • 1x Instruction Manual.

Ages: 8+