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Mix up a wacky, candy-flavoured drink that all of your friends will want to try with the MixUbbles Drinks Maker.Simply fill the mixing cup with water, juice, squash or lemonade then add the special MixUbble character packed with powdered, natural flavouring. Turn the dial on the electronic base unit then watch as it lights up, spins and releases the delicious candy flavours!


There are 30 different flavour combinations using the pear drops, gummy bears and cherry bombs flavour mixes. The MixUbbles Candy-Flavoured Drinks Maker includes an electronic LED mixer, a mixing jug with lid, MixUbbles character, 3 candy flavour powders, 2 plastic serving cups, 2 straws, a measuring spoon, tongs and bag clips.


Requires 2 x AA Batteries (Not Included)


Contents: Electronic LED Mixer, Mixing Jug and Lid, MixUbble Character, 3 Candy Flavour Powsders, 2 Plastic Serving Cups, 2 Straws, Measuring Spoon, Tongs and Bag Clip


Ages: 6+