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My Little Pony Rarity Undersea Spa

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My Little Pony Rarity Undersea Spa.


Everypony love to pamper, even under the sea! Inspired by the My Little Pony the Movie, this Rarity seapony figure has a beautiful mermaid-like tail and her cutie mark on her back fin. Imagine her primping with her undersea themed accessories in front of the included vanity. Kids can pretend she's taking a relaxing bath in her rolling tub, too. The Rarity seapony figure is approximately 3-inches tall and decorated in glitter for sparkly Seaquestria adventures.

Includes seapony figure, rolling bath tub, vanity, and 5 accessories.

• Inspired by My Little Pony the Movie.
• 3-inch glittery Rarity seapony figure.

Ages: 3+