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Nerf Fortnite GL Blaster

Available: In-Store Online

Nerf Fortnite GL Blaster.

The Nerf Fortnite GL Blaster is inspired by the Blaster from Fortnite and comes in the same look as that in the popular video game. The GL Blaster fires large Nerf rockets and offers great action! It has a rotating drum that holds up to 6 rockets and fires 1 rocket after another by manually moving the handle. Simply push the handle all the way forward - the drum rotates and brings a rocket into the launch position. Then pull the handle all the way back to launch the rocket. To fire another rocket, the handle is moved forward and back again.

Contains 6 official Nerf rockets - enough to fully load the drum. With the great fire power of the Nerf Fortnite GL blaster, other players are easily defeated. Eye protection is recommended (not included).

Includes: A Fortnite Blaster and 6 rockets.

Ages: 8+