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Nerf Ultra Select Blaster

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Nerf Ultra Select Blaster.

The Nerf Ultra Select Blaster can be used to fire darts for long-range or precision shots! The Ultra Select Blaster has space for two 10-Dart clip magazines and contains 10 Nerf Ultra Darts designed for distance and 10 Nerf Ultra Darts designed for precision. Thanks to a switch on the blaster, you can choose which clip magazine should be fired from in order to switch during the battle. Aim at the target and shoot the darts in quick succession. Simply press the accelerator button to power up the engine and pull the trigger.

The clip magazines can be reloaded quickly during the game. The blaster fires Nerf Ultra distance darts up to 36 meters. Nerf Ultra Precision Darts are the most accurate Nerf Ultra Darts. Includes a handle so you can take it with you wherever you go.

  • Contents: A NERF Ultra Select blaster, 2 clip magazines and 20 darts.
  • The appropriate magazine can be selected by moving the clip switch.
  • If the fully motorized blaster is powered up, the darts can be fired in quick succession.
  • Load 10 Nerf Ultra distance darts in one magazine and 10 Nerf Ultra precision darts in the other magazine and then insert both magazines into the blaster.
  • The clip magazines are designed to be loaded with darts while they are still attached to the blaster.
  • Batteries Required: 6 x C (LR14) batteries (not included).

Ages: 8+