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Nerf XP 30 AP Super Soaker Water Gun

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Nerf XP 30 AP Super Soaker Water Gun.

This Nerf Super Soaker water blaster has a tank made with recycled plastic bottles and comes in a recyclable, paper-based package which is plastic-free except for tape and glue.

With this XP30-AP blaster, you can experience the water-drenching fun that started it all, because it features the original air-pressurized water launching mechanism and classic styling. It’s a splashtastic blast from the past for today’s water warriors!

Fill the removable tank, pump the handle to pressurize the tank, then pull the trigger to unleash a continuous, air-powered blast of water. Soak up the fun and pour on the air-pressurized power of the Nerf Super Soaker XP30-AP blaster! Tank capacity is approximately 9 fluid ounces (0.26 liters).

Ages: 6+