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Num Noms Lights Mystery Pack Series 2.1

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Num Noms Lights Mystery Pack Series 2.1.

Num Noms make the perfect accessory, especially when they light up. Find out which scented Num and light-up Nom you'll get in the Num Noms Lights Mystery Pack Series 2.1 collection. The mystery is that the Num and Nom are hidden in the packaging, so you'll have to open up the carton to find out which ones are inside. Each pack comes with a scented Num and a light-up Nom, plus a ring base that can be attached to the Nom so you can wear your Num Noms. Keep track of which Num Noms you have with the included collector's guide.

To play, place the Num over the Nom and press down on the top. This will activate the Nom's flashing lights. Press down again to make the lights stop. You can wear just the Nom on the ring or the Num and Nom together. Or add your other Num Noms to create a crazy stack.

The scent of the Nums combined with the lights of the Nom make these collectibles deliciously cool. Kids will like the suspense of not knowing what's inside until they open the package. These make a great addition to a Num Noms collection, and fans will enjoy wearing their Num Noms as a ring to show off their colorful and cute stacks.

Ages: 3+