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Nuvita 12V Car/Travel Bottle Warmer

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Travelmilk Flexi Car Bottle Warmer

Travelmilk Flexi is a fantastic solution to heat up milk or food when you are not at home. Once the food or the bottle is warmed up, the thermic case will retain the heat, keeping the temperature stable thanks to the properties of Neoprene fabric. It is easy to clasp to the baby carrier thanks to the practical hook.

Small, practical and foldable car bottle warmer with 12V power supply. Bottle is made using neoprene with heating element of carbon fibber.
The front zip allows the use of any bottle up to 300 ml, as well as other containers up to that size. When the cable is detached, the bottle warmer becomes a thermic insulating pouch for its content, also doubles as protection against possible hits. The practical lateral hook allows the product to be hanged on baby carrier or backpack.

  • Wide neck
  • Suitable for any bottle up to 300ml
  • Outer fabric: Neoprene
  • Inner material: Heating element of carbon fiber
  • Hit resistant, thermic fabric
  • Detachable cable
  • Power supply 12V
  • Power 14 W