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Nuvita Flavorillo 2in1 Teether / Feeder

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Nutritional Feeder and Teether

Helps to wean the baby naturally and safely while adapting to new flavours and different textures of solid foods. Flavorillo helps the baby to start eating on its own. At the same time avoids the risk of ingesting big pieces of food. Can be used with all foods: fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, bread, and biscuits. Just cut the food into small pieces and place in the net. During the teething period, inserting a bit of ice or pieces of frozen fruit can give relief to inflamed gums.

Hygienic and safe, high quality food grade nylon net. The cap can be screwed on for added safety. The lid preserves food for when you are away from home.

Includes a silicon teether, relieves from the discomfort of irritated gums during the stage of teeth growth.

Replacements available.