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Orbeez Colour Meez

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Orbeez Colour Meez.

Get creative with Orbeez Colour Meez. Orbeez are soft, squishy and satisfying water beads – and now you can colour your Orbeez any way you want. This DIY activity kit comes with 1,000 clear grown Orbeez and 3 liquid colours to transform them.

Add your favourite colour to the tube or mix 2 colours together to try out the colour mixing trend you’ve seen online. Create Orbeez Colour Meez in red, yellow or blue, and combine colours to make purple, orange or green Orbeez.

Just give the tube a shake, wait 30 minutes and watch as your Orbeez Colour Meez water beads magically change from clear to colourful. After a quick rinse with water, your customised Orbeez will be ready to play. Squish them, squeeze them, bounce them, crush them or let them flow through your hands.

Orbeez sensory toys are amazing squishy fun, providing a tactile sensory experience for children. Sensory toys can help develop communication, fine motor skills and creative play.

  • Includes: 1,000 grown Orbeez, 3x 10ml liquid colours.
  • Turn squishy bouncy Orbeez from clear to colourful.
  • Create red, yellow or blue Orbeez water beads.
  • Mix the colours to create purple, orange or green Orbeez.
  • Add your favourite colour to the tube, shake and wait!
  • Rinse after 30 minutes to reveal your colourful Orbeez.
  • 1,000 clear grown Orbeez ready to be transformed.
  • Can be used as a refill for Orbeez Soothing Spa.

Ages: 5+