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Our Generation Bath and Bubbles Bath Set

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             "Bath time is the best time for making bubbles. Can you hear those bubbles bubbling?"


Turn the taps in this modern tub and use the extendable handheld tap for those hard-to-reach spots. Push the button to hear real water sounds as you get ready for your bath. Put your favourite beauty products on the wooden bath tray, and use them to get your doll squeaky clean. Or use the tray to hold your doll’s favourite book so she can read and relax in the tub! Don’t forget the rubber ducky – your best bath time pal! Remember, the best bath for your dolls is an imaginary one! Please don’t put your dolls in water.


Contents: 1x Pink bathtub, 1x Faucet, 1x Bath tray, 1x Bath puff, 1x Bath mat, 2x Cucumber slices, 3x Bottles of nail polish, 3x Bottles, 3x Canisters, 1x Perfume bottle, 1 Clothes hanger, 1x Comb, 1x Hooded owl towel and 1x Pair of shower sandals.


Ages: 3+