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Our Generation Clothing Outfit Onesies Funzies

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Our Generation Clothing Outfit Onesies Funzies.

Stay cosy from head to toe! Cute and cuddly pajamas for a sweet sleep!  

Cosy slumber and shining mornings for your doll start with the comfy Our Generation Onesies Funzies pajama suit, a cuddly and cute sleepwear outfit for 18-inch dolls!

Perfect for every day or for doll sleepovers, this fun, long-sleeved pink pajama onesie is covered in a white star print. Help your doll rise and shine in the morning with a healthy bowl of milk and cereal (with a dash of sugar to help your doll be extra sweet!) Use the scrunchie to tie back your dolls hair so it doesnt get dunked in the milk!

Contents: A onesie, a hair elastic, a cereal box, a spoon, a bowl of cereal, a milk jug and a sugar shaker

Ages: 3+

Please Note: Doll is not included