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Our Generation Doll Valencia

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         "We are focused on our dreams and will leap high in to the sky and twirl all day long to reach them. One day, I'll be a prima ballerina!"



Valencia has a talent for twirling and she's ready to pirouette towards her dreams. Ballet is her idea of perfect fun, dancing and jumping her way through life. Whether in the studio, on the stage, or just fooling around with friends, Our Generation Valencia is ready for her performance to begin! Our Generation Valencia has her perfect ballet outfit on and she's ready to twirl. Her ballet dress is a white leotard with a pale pink tutu skirt attached.


She got her ballet shoes on over her tights, and a faux-fur cape to keep her shoulders warm between dances. She finishes it off with a perfect ballerina bun and a pink hair bow. Nothing will get in the way of her dancing, certainly not her hair. As a non-poseable doll, Our Generation Valencia can turn at the neck, shoulders and hips, so she's ready for those ballet poses and jumps. Time for that pirouette!


Contents: 1x Valencia doll


Ages: 3+