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Our Generation Flamingo Dreaming Clothing Outfit

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Our Generation Flamingo Dreaming Clothing Outfit.

Bring excitement to your next pajama party with the Our Generation Flamingo Dreaming outfit for 18-inch dolls! This adorable pajama set features easy-open closures that make it quick to put on and remove.

Dress your besties in the pink-striped top with a decorative flamingo print and pair it with the cute pajama shorts. Then add the super soft, matching flamingo slippers to complete the look – everyone will want to try them on!

They comfortably fit your Our Generation doll’s feet and will keep them warm as they grab one last drink of water. Bedtime! Easily put on the eye mask so your bestie can dream sweet dreams and start their days off bright!

Includes: 1 top, 1 pair of pajama shorts, 1 eye mask and 1 pair of flamingo slippers.

Ages: 3+

Please Note: Dolls sold separately