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Our Generation Hair Play Doll Portia

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Portia dreams of the hazy days of summer where dragonflies swoop through the gardens and bring the magic to life of this wonderful season. She's a beautiful hair grow doll in pretty summer dress who's just waiting to have some summer fun.


Get ready for fashion and styling fun with Portia. Incredible adventures and memories await! She is extra special because she is part of the hair grow collection. She is unique because her hair can grow long in seconds. Just turn the knob and watch it all appear! To bring it back short just turn the knob the opposite direction. Phoebe comes with a hair styling guide too! It is full of fun and creative ways to do her hair. You can even try them out on yours.


She Comes With A Comb, Hair Extensions, And A Styling Guide To Help You Become A Hairdressing Expert!


Ages: 3+