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Paw Patrol Big Truck Pups Al's Deluxe Big Rig Truck

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Paw Patrol Big Truck Pups Al's Deluxe Big Rig Truck.

Presenting the PAW Patrol Big Truck Pup’s newest member, Al and his Deluxe Big Truck! This mega truck is a large-scale logging truck of impressive proportions! Featuring a rising control pod with an extendable logging crane and a locking claw system, this mega-truck and the PAW Patrol’s newest pup are ready for action-packed rescue missions with all your PAW Patrol pals.

Just lift open the truck cab roof, to place Al in the driver’s seat, then race to the rescue in his big rig truck. After arriving on the scene, place Al in the control pod in the truck trailer, then raise the pod and slide it back, and forth on the track, or rotate the pod up to 360° to get into the perfect position before extending the claw arm to pick up everything from logs to I-beams. Once properly positioned, use the locking claw to hold the logs or I-beams in place, before packing them into the truck and speeding off towards your next mission!

Use your creativity to re-create your favourite PAW Patrol rescue missions from the series or create entirely new adventures with all the PAW Patrol pups. (Each sold separately).

  • Includes: 1 Deluxe Big Truck, 1 AL Action Figure, 1 Giant Log, 3 I-Beams and 1 Instruction Sheet.
  • This PAW Patrol toy truck features authentic details and styling!
  • Place AL in the control pod and raise it up, then rotate it up to 360° and extend the claw arm to pick up items.
  • Introducing AL, the newest PAW patrol pup! Wearing his silver Big Truck Pups uniform, with a trucker hat and gloves.

Ages: 3+