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Peg Perego Ducati Enduro 12v

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The new motorbike by Peg Perego Ducati Hypercross is simply spectacular. Agile and rich in details, the Ducati Hypercross is the 12v electric motorbike for children age 3 and up which runs at a speed of nearly 8 km/h and offers unforgettable adventures, even on rough terrainJust like a real motorcycle, Ducati Hypercross offers awesome thrills and is incredibly easy to ride! To accelerate, you turn the knob, to brake, you step on the brake lever behind the right footrest. The off-road rubber tread offers superior traction. 

Unique with its countless stylistic details, such as the horn, the front headlight that reflects the light, giving the impression it is turned on, and the broad matt windshield: but theres more! The 3 side bags featured as standard make for an adventurous look: 2 are removable, to transport objects during your child's fantastic adventures. They can be decorated with the stickers included for a truly international look. And if something goes wrong, the main trunk contains a tool-kit to fix any problem and start off again: screwdriver, hammer, wrench and ratchet. Ducati Hypercross can travel at two speeds: fast or slow, you decide which by adjusting the button located on the side of the tank under the saddle. The motorbike is equipped with stabilising wheels (removable) that are ideal for young drivers who still need a bit of practice. The sturdy handlebar in lacquered iron ensures a firm grip when riding off-road. The knobs lined in non-slip rubber and the wraparound hand guards protect the fingers and hands even on their sides



  • Engines: 2 x 165W (330W total).
  • Battery/Power: 1 12V/8Ah sealed no-maintenance lead-acid battery, included in the packaging. Battery charger: 1 x 12V battery charger included.
  • Slope capacity: 10%
  • Wheels: Off-road rubber tread
  • Ideal surfaces: Great performance, even on hills and uneven terrain.
  • Accelerator: Handle.
  • Brake: Pedal.
  • Sealed base: Yes.
  • Kick stand & Stabilising wheels included.
  • Speed in 1st gear: 3,8 km/h. 2.3 MPH
  • Speed in 2nd gear: 7.6 km/h. 4.7 MPH
  • Size: 120 x 66,5 x 83h cm  47,2x 26x 32,5 h.
  • Weight: 18.8 Kg , 41.3 lbs. 

Please Note: Battery duration: 30 min. (The battery duration is indicative only and will vary depending on the way the vehicle is used and the surfaces it is used on. The indicated time is the result achieved if the battery is used at 3/4 of its capacity on flat and compact terrain and for 1/4 of its capacity on uneven or inclined terrain.)

Ages: 3+

Also available to purchase separately : Ducati Safety Helmet