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Peg Perego Vespa Safety Helmet

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Its great fun to drive a Vespa wearing the elegant Peg Perego helmet! The Vespa safety helmet offers all the protection needed with the padding complying with safety regulations. The Peg Perego Vespa safety helmet for children from 2 upwards complies with the UNI EN1080 safety regulation. Its elegant beige colour perfectly matches the Peg Perego Vespa. The helmet is designed to be used by small children on bikes or those engaged in activities involving a risk of head injuries. 
The fixed transparent visor protects eyes from wind and dust. Patented strap buckle. This helmet features an automatic release system designed to release in certain stress conditions to prevent potential strangulation.The interior is made from polystyrene with soft fabric padding, positioned in the sections that come most in contact with the head and offer greater absorption in the case of impact. The Peg Perego Vespa safety helmet combines the fun of imitating champions with protection. Just like the real champions do, remind your child to strap on the helmet before taking off. The safety helmet is anaccessory that will teach your child about the rules of the road.
Ages: 3+