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Peppa Pig Finding Peppa And Friends Puzzle Game

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Peppa Pig Finding Peppa And Friends Puzzle Game.

Children play hide and seek with Peppa and her friends, tracking them down in their hiding places and taking them back to Mum and Dad before night falls. Playing improves the memory and ogic abilities, as well as developing the imagination and social skills while learning how to take turns in a game.

The game contains 4 cards, each with 3 characters to fit into the molds, 12 cardboard boxes to use as hiding places, a die and a timer.

Remove the 12 characters from the cardboard cards and hide them in various places. Children take turns rolling the dice, opening the boxes based on the outcome and taking the character.

The object of the game is to place all characters in the corresponding card before the timer ends on the moon (beginning of the night).

Includes: 4 illustrated sheets, 12 shaped characters, 12 hideaway boxs, 1 spinning wheel, 1 timer and a guide on how to play alone or in a group.

Ages: 3+