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Peppa Pig Tea Time With Peppa Playset

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Peppa Pig Tea Time With Peppa Playset.

Shall we have some tea? It looks as though Peppa’s teddy bear said yes because this Tea Time with Peppa playset is packed with everything preschoolers need to host a wonderful afternoon tea party for Peppa and her pal. Inspired by the acclaimed animated series, the set comes with a Peppa Pig figure wearing a cute dress with a cupcake on it.

Accessories include Peppa’s teddy bear (the guest of honour), a tree decorated with a garland, 2 chairs and a special table featuring a dial in the center. When kids spin the dial, a tray pops out from the middle, displaying sandwiches and cupcakes! Preschoolers and Peppa fans will love to act out all kinds of tea-party fun with this sweet themed set.

Includes: 1 Peppa Pig figure and 5 accessories.

Ages: 3+