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Plasticine Softeez Noodle Doodle Assortment

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Plasticine Softeez Noodle Doodle Assortment.

Plasticine Softeez is super, soft modelling fun! Use the Plasticine Softeez to decorate the card designs and create your very own scenes! Peel apart a Plasticine Softeez "Noodle" strip and doodle it on the design to fill the blanks. Kids will have hours of soft fun creating their own Plasticine Softeez world! There are 3 styles Circus, Jungle and Ocean.

1. Choose a scene.

2. Peel apart a Plasticine softeez noodle strip.

3. Doodle it on the design to fill in the blanks.

4. Wow! Your image is complete and ready to be displayed.

Includes: 8 noodle colours of Plasticine softeez and 3 scenes to create.

Ages: 3+

There are 3 styles available within this assortment and unfortunately it is not possible to request which one you would prefer.