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Play-Doh Dino Crew Growin' Tall Bronto Playset

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Play Doh Dino Crew Growin' Tall Bronto Playset.

Help the baby bronto break out of its egg! This Play-Doh dinosaur playset lets kids hatch the baby brontosaurus figure and make its neck grow long. Simply fill the dinosaur toy with Play-Doh modelling compound and press the tail to make its neck grow tall, then decorate the Growin' Tall Bronto with Play-Doh dino bones, flowers, leaves, and even a Play-Doh neck tie. The set comes with 2 eggs filled with Play-Doh compound and multiple accessories and tools.

  • Includes: 1 Brontosaurus Playset, 2 Eggs With Play-Doh Compound, 1 Stamper and 1 Cutter.
  • Pressing the tail makes the bronto's neck grow longer as you fill the Play-Doh dino playset with Play-Doh compound.
  • Help the baby Brontosaurus break out of its egg to get started playing!
  • Lots of accessories to create flowers, leaves and more.

Ages: 3+