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Playmobil 123 My First Train Set

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Playmobil 123 My First Train Set.

Ideal for children aged 18 months and over, the Playmobil 1.2.3 toy range helps little ones learn all about different careers and the world around them.

The Playmobil 70179 1.2.3 My First Train Set helps children become familiar with public transport. The train can seat up to 2 figures in the middle coach, and the end coach can hold luggage and accessories. There is room in the train driver's coach for 1 figure. All coahces are detachable. As the train drives along the tracks, there are barriers which can be lifted and lowered to alert pedestrians of the approaching train. The playset includes 4 Playmobil 1.2.3 figures, animals and other accessories.

  • Features 3 detachable coaches.
  • The train can seat up to 3 figures, including the driver.
  • Luggage and accessories can be stored in the end coach.
  • Includes tracks.
  • With 4 Playmobil figures, animals and accessories.

Ages: 18months +