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Playmobil City Life 6657 Furnished Childrens Hospital

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There are a lot of things going on at the Playmobil children’s hospital - a hospital known for its particularly compassionate treatment of all its patients. Here, there is no need to fear neither the doctor’s coat nor the medical equipment, since the doctors do their best to tell soothing stories while taking care of their patients, hereby transforming the hospital stay into something pleasant. However, they could really use a helping hand in their busy weekdays. Do you want to join the team?


This Playmobil playset features two, fully equipped floors with fun surprises. The double entrance door is equipped with an external staircase and ramp for wheelchairs and the elevator is big enough to fit a hospital bed, making it possible for you to transport a patient between the two floors. In the operation room, you will find an adjustable operating table with space for a child figure, a swivelling operation lamp, as well as handy machines like the defibrillator and a respirator. Explore the playset’s cute and many details, including removable surgical caps and masks, and differently coloured tubes that can be attached to the arm of a Playmobil figure.


Contents Include: 4 figures, 1 small baby figure and accessories.


Ages: 4+