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Playmobil Adventures Of Ayuma 70804 Fairy Hut

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Playmobil Adventures Of Ayuma 70804 Fairy Hut.

In the magical fairy kingdom of Ayuma, exciting adventures await the Crystal Fairies, the Knight Fairies, the Forest Fairies and the Bat Fairies. Lovingly designed fairy toys, cute soul animals and magical places allow imaginative girls and boys to immerse themselves in the mythical Playmobil fairy world. Will our fairies succeed in protecting the crystal from the magical energy source and all of Ayuma? Find out by creating their next adventures with these enchanting Playmobil playsets.

The cozy Fairy Hut is home to the fairies. With the help of the included hook, the house can be hung from the Fairy Community Tree or in a child’s bedroom. It can also be decorated with glittering star stickers for an added magical look. The lanterns inside even glow in the dark. The Fairy Hut also contains a little secret compartment that can be removed! Decorate the outside of the hut with flowers and a butterfly.

  • Includes: 54-piece playset:1 fairy house with hook for hanging, a secret compartment, stickers, 1 fairy with movable wings that can be mounted, 1 fantasy owl and 50 accessories.
  • Functions: Fairy house with a hanging loop and much more.
  • Innovative packaging and numbered bags for assembly.

Ages: 7+