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Playmobil Adventures Of Ayuma Community Tree

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Playmobil Adventures Of Ayuma Community Tree.

In the magical fairy kingdom of Ayuma, exciting adventures await the Crystal Fairies, the Knight Fairies, the Forest Fairies and the Bat Fairies. Lovingly designed fairy toys, cute soul animals and magical places allow imaginative girls and boys to immerse themselves in the mythical Playmobil fairy world. Will our fairies succeed in protecting the crystal from the magical energy source and all of Ayuma? Find out by creating their next adventures with these enchanting Playmobil playsets.

Deep in the enchanted fairy forest stands the mysterious Community Tree. It is not only the dwelling place of the fairies but also a safe retreat for the magical beings and their friendly soul animals. Each fairy species is represented with its symbol on the Community Tree. The fairies meet in the cosy common room for cheerful chats. To observe the stars, they use the telescope of the observatory. On the wooden platform at the side, the filigree pavilion with its glowing lanterns and cosy cushions and blankets invites to dream. In the Community Tree tower there is a star projector which projects a romantic starry sky onto the ceiling. The faithful soul animals have a snug shelter under the tree root. Here is enough space to eat, play and rest. The playset includes a Crystal Fairy with crystal butterfly, a Knight Fairy with wolf, a Forest Fairy man with lynx, a Community Tree with three levels - kitchen, community room and tree root as well as pavilion, tower room, observatory with telescope, star projector and many more magical extras.

  • 162-piece playset: 1 tree, 3 fairies, 3 soul animals, 1 forest animal and 154 accessories.
  • Functions: Functional star projector, elements made of luminescent plastic and much more.
  • Innovative packaging and numbered bags for assembly.
  • Assembly time with parents 60 min.
  • Requires batteries: 3 x AAA (not included).

Ages: 7+