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Playmobil City Action 71193 Take Along Fire Station

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Playmobil City Action 71193 Take Along Fire Station.

Action for the Playmobil firefighting team. With this practical fire station in a carry case, the Playmobil rescuers are always ready for action.

In addition to a motorcycle with garage, the fire station has a helicopter landing pad and a carport. While on standby, the bunk bed is available for resting. Firefighting utensils and other equipment can be stored on the shelves and on the equipment wall.

For transport, all figures and accessories are stowed inside the case, the garage ramp is folded up and all roof attachments are removed. Then the helipad is inserted as a lid into the roof opening and the latch is turned. Using the carrying handle, the fire station can now be easily taken anywhere. Great firefighting fun on the go!

Combine the Fire Station with the Fire Rescue Truck (71194) and Fire Rescue Helicopter (71195) for even more rescue action fun.

Includes: 1 take along fire station, 2 firefighter figures, 1 chair, 2 beds, 1 fire helmet with visor, 1 motorcycle, 1 motorcycle helmet with visor and more.

Ages: 4+