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Playmobil Country 9532 Harvester

Available: In-Store Online

The combine harvester has a realistic straw bale ejection, a folding cutting unit for mowing or road operation. a rotatable rooler and a fold out grain downpipe. There is room for a figure on the harvester (child figure not possible). - To insert the figure, the cab is tilted forward. - The cutting mechanism on the front of the vehicle can be tilted slightly upwards and engages in the uppermost position (= driving position for road operation). While the combine is being pushed with the cutter removed, the reel rotates. - The white magazine on the top of the combine is pulled up to fill it with straw bales. In total, up to six straw bales can be stacked on top of each other. - When the combine is pushed, the bales of straw drop individually and a long distance from the rear of the combine harvester. The combine harvester does NOT have a trailer hitch.


Ages: 4+