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Playmobil Dino Rise 70626 Saichania Invasion Of the Robot

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Playmobil Dino Rise 70626 Saichania Invasion Of the Robot.

Prepare for hours of fun and get your dinosaur ready to defend against the evil Comet Corporation robots with this action-packed Playmobil playset from the Dino-Rise Collection. Full of moveable parts, including firing cannons and removable armour, this creative dinosaur toy will spark endless hours of imaginative play.

The villain attacks with his hyper-modern robot fighter. The lightning-fast cannons, make the robot extremely dangerous and difficult to stop, but fortunately the brave team around Ian has made it their mission, to fight the soulless robots of the Comet Corporation with all means at their disposal. On the back of his Saichania, clever Milow tries to thwart the plans of the fighting machine. This dino-human power team is hard to beat.

  • Contains: 73 pieces.
  • Playset includes 2 figures, 1 Saichania, 1 back armor, 1 combat robot, 3 energy stones, 1 cap, 2 helmets, 1 chest armor, a pair of arm armor and a pair of arm guards.

Ages: 5+