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Playmobil Princess 70450 Riding Lessons

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Playmobil Princess 70450 Riding Lessons.

Around the romantic Playmobil princess castle, the up-and-coming princesses and princes learn their royal duties. Here they romp around the magnificent court inspiring little girls and boys alike with their fanciful adventures.

Princess Pina can usually be found at her riding lessons in the horse stable. Here, the regal lady pursues her favourite pastime. Today she is teaching the king how to ride, as he hasn't been in the saddle for quite some time and could do with a refresher course. As a reward for a successful lesson, the two ride off on their horses to the palace gardens.

Wonderful playsets, charming figures and loving Playmobil accessories transform children's bedrooms into a dreamy princess world.

The magical playset features two horses, both with removable saddles so that the figures can ride them. There's plenty of food and grooming accessories for the animals, as well as a covered storage area in the stable.

Ages: 4+