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Playmobil Country 70294 Horse Farm Gift Set

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Playmobil Country 70294 Horse Farm Gift Set.

The Horse Farm Gift Set features a horse with a removable saddle and harness. The saddle can be used to seat one figure and the horse's head is movable. The rider has brushes and food for the horse and the packaging features a gift tag to complete!

Includes: 1 figure, 1 horse, 1 horse halter, 1 saddle, 1 reins, 1 horse accessory box, 1 fence with green strip and flowers, 1 riding helmet, 1 wristwatch, 1 hair bow, 1 apple, 1 horse brush, 1 whip, 1 bucket, 1 hay bundle, 1 grass bundle, 1 pair of leg cuffs rider and 4 horse gaiters.

Contains: 28 pieces

Ages: 4+