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Playmobil Dreamworks Spirit 70396 Christmas Concert

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Playmobil Dreamworks Spirit 70396 Christmas Concert.

Feel the Christmas spirit with Playmobil Dreamworks Spirit 70395 A Miradero Christmas playset! Children will love this set comes with Abigail and Maricela and much more! 

With Abigail and Maricela, enjoy the Christmas market with their beloved horses, Boomerang, Mystery and Governor. Both Abigail and Maricela love their horses and use saddles to make them comfortable on their horses. Decorate the front of the stalls with sweet treats and gifts for both Abigail and Maricela! 

Figures: 1 Lucky, 1 Pru, 1 horse Spirit, 1 horse Chica, 1 Christmas stage with decoration, 1 saddle cloth, 1 saddle, 1 halter, 1 rein, 1 basket, 1 violin with bow, 1 cake, 1 Christmas wreath, 1 Advent wreath, 1 microphone with stand, 3 apples, 1 western hat, 1 cap and 1 elf hat.

Product Piece Count: 92pieces.

Ages: 4+