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Playmobil Stunt Show 70552 Service Tent

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Playmobil Stunt Show 70552 Service Tent.

In the stuntshow workshop tent, motorcycles and trucks are fixed up. In order to examine his two-wheeler, the driver has jacked his vehicle on the lifting platform. Now it is screwed, oiled and cleaned so that the motorcycle can be back on the race track.

For larger repairs, a welding machine is also ready and there are two ramps for jacking up the monster trucks and racing cars. The playset includes a Playmobil figure, a motorcycle, a workshop tent, access ramps and lots of accessories for repairing and maintaining the vehicles.

Contains: 1 x Playmobil workshop, 1 tent, 1 motorcycle, 1 figure, 46 accessories and instructions.

Age: 4+