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Pokemon Battle Figure Pack Ivysaur

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Pokemon Battle Figure Pack Ivysaur.

Attention Pokémon fans! Pokémon 3-inch Battle Figure Packs are ready for action! You can now admire Ivysaur 3-inch Battle Figure. Get ready for some of the most action-packed Pokémon Battles ever!

More of a collector? Ivysaur is a Grass-type Pokémon and evolves from Bulbasaur then into Venusaur. There is a bud on this Pokémon's back. To support its weight, Ivysaur's legs and trunk grow thick and strong. If it starts spending more time lying in the sunlight, it's a sign that the bud will bloom into a large flower soon. The authentic character design makes these Pokémon figures perfect additions to your Pokémon collection. Ideal for fans

Ages: 4+