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Polly Pocket Pollyville Resort Roll Away Suitcase

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Polly Pocket Pollyville Resort Roll Away Suitcase.

Take a trip with Polly Pocket doll in this child-sized travel bag! The Pollyville Resort Roll Away doubles as a playset and storage unit for Polly compacts! The playset has an extendable handle to take the resort anywhere on-the-go. It opens to a 3-story hotel with an elevator, a fun arcade to play with friends, a spiral slide, speedbumps to activate exciting features, and so much more to discover!

With 4 dolls, 1 vehicle, and 25+ accessories, the play possibilities are endless. Check into the resort, get ready in the hotel room, and slide down to the beach. Beep beep! Hop in the car and drive over the speed bump to activate parasailing! Go for a ride in the helicopter with Polly and fly sky high!

Time for the ferris wheel with friends, it's so fast! Kids can take part in the ultimate oceanside vacay in this Pollyville Resort Roll Away Playset. Colours and decorations may vary.

  • Includes: 4 dolls, 1 vehicle and 25+ accessories.
  • Dimensions: 28cm L x 18cm W x 35.5cm H.
  • Playset opens to a 3-story resort.
  • Dolls can fit into the slide.
  • The beach is full of fun reveals and surprises.
  • The extendable handle makes it easy to take the playset on-the-go.

Ages: 4+