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Poopsie Unicorn Crush

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Poopsie Unicorn Crush.

Make magical sparkly slime with Poopsie unicorn crush! Unwrap the golden unicorn horn to find a colourful, crushable horn underneath. Dip the horn in water for 10 seconds, then crush for an amazing glitter explosion! Tip: make sure to crush over a dry bowl, do not crush in water. Find the pre-made slime and mix in the glitter and sand for incredible glittery slime! Store and display your sparkly slime in the golden unicorn horn. There are so many colours of glitter and slime, 35+ to collect!

You will need:

  • 2 Large Bowls
  • Water (Room Temperature)1
  • Poopsie Unicorn Crush.

Step 1: Reveal

In a large empty bowl, open the premade scented slime packet and pour into the dry bowl. Open the golden horn container to reveal your unicorn horn. Which colour did you get? It is a surprise! Remove the plastic wrap from the sand horn!

Step 2: Dunk

In a large bowl filled with water, loosely hold the sand horn under the water for 8 to 10 seconds.

*** Do Not Crush

Step 3: Crush

Remove unicorn horn from water and crush over the bowl with slime to create a glitter explosion! Mix the crumbled sand, glitter and slime together to create magic sparkly slime!

Tip: Add sprinkles of water at a time to make your slime stretchier until you reach desired consistency

Step 4: Store

Use golden horn case to store your glittery slime for future play. 35 + to collect! Collect the rainbow!

Contents: 1x Unicorn Crush

Ages: 6+