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Power Rangers Beast Morphers Beast X 15cm Red Ranger

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Power Rangers Beast Morphers Beast X 15cm Red Ranger.

IT’S MORPHIN TIME! From the Beast Morphers back to the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the Power Rangers have brought teamwork, action and adventure to generations of fans. The legacy continues with figures, vehicles, collectibles and roleplay toys from Hasbro, celebrating ranger teams from Mighty Morphin to the Beast Morphers.

Imagine all the action of Power Rangers with toys from Hasbro! With the Power Rangers Beast Morphers Beast-X King Red Ranger figure, children can imagine leaping into action to protect the grid like the Red Ranger when he unlocks even more power. Plus, with the included Morph-X key, imagine activating hero powers in the Beast-X King Morpher. (Sold separately. Subject to availability). 

Includes: Power Rangers Beast X King Red Ranger and accessories.

Ages: 3+