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Power Rangers Dino Fury T Rex Champion Zord

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Power Rangers Dino Fury T Rex Champion Zord.

IT’S MORPHIN TIME! From Dino Fury back to the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the Power Rangers have brought teamwork, action and adventure to generations of fans. The legacy continues with figures, vehicles, collectibles, and roleplay toys from Hasbro, celebrating Ranger teams from over 25 years. Imagine all the action of Power Rangers with toys from Hasbro! (Power Rangers products each sold separately. Subject to availability.)

  • Includes: Figure, 5 accessories, key and instructions.
  • Figure scale: 10 inches.
  • The Zord action figure morphs between T-Rex Mode and Battle Mode.
  • The included Red Dino Fury key can be used with the Dino Fury Morpher to unlcock sounds.
  • With the Zord Link system kids can combine Zord figures to create the Megazord formations inspired by what they seen in the series and also experiment to build their own!
  • The Dino Fury Megazord is made up of the T-Rex Champion Zord, Tiger Claw Zord, Ankylo Hammer Zord, Tricera Blade Zord and Stego Spike Zord.

Ages: 4+