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Puppy Surprise - Mati and her Puppies

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Surprise, Surprise! Puppy Surprise features a soft and huggable mummy dog with a surprise number of puppies in her litter.
Each one could have three, four, or even five sweet little puppies inside! There is a selection of puppy families with different hair styles and colours to choose from to love, groom and nurture.
This super soft Mati mummy dog has gorgeous pink fur, with matching brushable fluffy ears and tail, and she wears a sparkly dog collar with a heart shaped pendant.
Mati has a litter of puppies and until they're born no one knows how many she has or how many boys and girls will be born. How many has your Puppy Surprise had?
Contents- 1 mummy dog soft plush with heart-shaped pendant, 3 - 5 surprise puppy plush.
Ages- 3+

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