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RAD Robots Fartbro

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RAD Robots Fartbro.

Control Fartbro through his remote to go on some sneaky 'Fart Blasting' missions! Place him in 'Stealth Mode' and silently drive him into a room to let rip next to an unsuspecting victim! Place him on a chair and he becomes the ultimate whoopee cushion! When your friends sit on him, he lets one rip! Fartbro even has a ticking time bomb function for the ultimate fart finish! There are so many ways to launch a sneaky "Fart attack" with Fartbro! With over 40 functions and sounds!

  • 1 Contents: 1 x Fartbro, 1 x Really RAD Remote, 1 x Instruction Manual.
  • Fart and Burp on Command! Team up with Fartbro and go on some sneaky 'Fart Blasting' missions! This fun filled robot is ready and loaded to explode out some gross farts and burps that can be let off via his remote control!
  • Silent but deadly Place Fartbro in 'Stealth Mode' and silently drive him into a room to find an unsuspecting victim. Then using his remote, let one rip at the most inappropriate moment! AWKWARD!
  • Farts at the Tips of Your Fingers! Press down on Fartbro's Head Button for different fart sounds or hold the Head Button down for continuous farts!

Batteries Required: Fartbro takes 3 x AAA Batteries and Remote takes 3 x AAA batteries (not included).

Ages: 5+