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Rainbow High Junior High Doll Bella Parker

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Rainbow High Junior High Doll Bella Parker.

Rainbow High inspires creativity! Go back in time and meet your favourite students before they became friends and followed their creative dreams to Rainbow High. Each themed playset comes with a complete doll outfit, doll with new younger face-sculpts, and a soft vinyl backpack to carry their school essentials. This playset will give kids endless joy and imaginative storytelling entertainment.

Bella has her own story about where she came from and how she found her creative passion and became a student at Rainbow High. It is just as beautiful, stylish and colourful as the original size.

  • Includes: 1 fashion doll, 1 doll outfit, 1 pair of doll shoes, 1 pair of socks, 1 backpack, 1 hairbow and 1 doll comb.
  • This playset will give children endless joy and creative storytelling entertainment.
  • She’s 23cm and fully articulated and posable.
  • Watch the Animated Series on YouTube & Netflix!
  • When first unboxing, wash her hair thoroughly to remove styling gel and let hair dry completely.
  • Collect all 6 Jr High Series 2 Fashion Dolls – Bella Parker, Stella Monroe, Karma Nichols, River Kendall, Krystal Bailey, Amaya Raine (each sold separately).

Ages: 6+