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Rapidough Game

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Rapidough Game.

Rapidough is a fun twist on the classic charades game. This fast-paced game will test your dough-shaping skills and the winning team gets to steal some of the dough from the losing team. Instead of acting out something, you make it and your team must guess what you've made. This hilarious game will provide hours of entertainment for the whole family.

  • The team game of sculpting charades.
  • Each turn the teams sculptors must sculpt the entry on their card.
  • The first team to guess what their sculptor is creating wins the round.
  • But there is a twist - the winning team gets to take a plug of dough from the losing teams.
  • This means that the teams can end up with a pea sized piece of dough.

Contents: 2 x 175g pots of dough, 2 x modelling mats, 2 x modelling tools, 2 x rapidough plungers, 300 x rapidough challenge cards and 1 x instructions.

4 or more players.

For ages 8 years and over.