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Ravensburger CreArt Majestic Tiger Art Set 24 x 18cm

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Ravensburger CreArt Majestic Tiger 24 x 18cm.

A beautiful scene featuring a majestic tiger in its prime.

Imagine you are walking through the vast safari and you come across this majestic tiger in its habitat, taking a moment and reflecting as the sun sets. There’s nothing else you’d want to do but capture this magnificent animal in a painting. This colourful painting by numbers activity is sure to relax and satisfy you, as each section is completed with a lick of paint - excellent arts and crafts for kids. Coloured guide outlines distinguish between each colour, ensuring a picture-perfect result. Includes high quality thick painting canvas, 16 acrylic paints in numbered pots, easel to hold the pots, fine point durable paintbrush for detail painting, easy to follow guide sheet and a presentation frame to display finished artwork. CreArt paint by numbers sets make for a fantastic Christmas gift, birthday present or Easter crafts and activities for ages 11 years and up. Canvas size measures 24 x 18 cm.

Includes: 16 acrylic paints, Fine point durable paintbrush, High quality thick painting canvas Easy to follow guide sheet and a presentation frame.

Ages: 11+