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Ravensburger Statue of Liberty 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Night Edition

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This 'Night Edition' Statue of Liberty 3D puzzle uses LED technology to create 2 different lighting effects. It can either be set to a steady warm white glow or can be set to alternating colours, continually switching between green, orange, and yellow. This automatic color changing makes an effective and dramatic addition to any room or an ideal night light. 


Did You Know?

 She is the most famous icon in the 'Big Apple': the Statue of Liberty, located in New York's Harbour. Designed after the Roman goddess of freedom 'Libertas', she embodies the American dream of freedom and independence. The 305ft high (93m) 'Lady Liberty' has been on Liberty Island since 1886 welcoming visitors from all over the world. The statue was a gift from France and was constructed in collaboration with Gustave Eiffel, the primary engineer and patron of the Eiffel Tower. The Statue of Liberty holds in her right hand a torch of golden flame and an engraved plate in her left shows the date of the American Declaration of Independence. Her crown has 7 rays, representing the 7 continents and there is a broken chain at her feet that symbolises the abolition of slavery. The statue's pedestal was financed by the USA by taking donations. A simple and classic style was chosen to highlight the statue's grace. Americans living in Paris were so impressed with the Statue of Liberty, they built a smaller replica close to the Eiffel Tower that looks in the direction of the New York harbour where the original is located.


Contents: 108pcs numbered, accessories incl LED lights and instructions.


Batteries Required: 3x AAA Not Included


Ages: 10+